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    Metaverse streaming

    New! This new solution allows any event launched in streaming on a video platform to be broadcasted directly in a Virtual Reality space. Users will now be able to connect with their avatars and watch any event streamed online in the same room. Concerts, interviews, masterclass, soccer games...and much more!

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    Customized mix of digital services

    Do you have a brilliant idea that will rock the digital horizon? Let's talk!

    3.0 solutions

    We develop services with blockchain technology to take advantage of the benefits of decentralized benefits of a decentralized management, immutable and with maximum encrypted security for the traceability of your products.

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    Business intelligence

    Our solutions facilitate the intelligent management of data from the extraction, processing, organization and from data extraction, processing, organization and visualization to the generation of strategic knowledge strategic knowledge for decision making.

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    Extended reality

    We create virtual, augmented or mixed reality spaces to maximize the interactivity with your interactivity with your clients, the positioning of your project and the profitability of your business. your business.

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    Digital transformation

    We change ways of thinking to transform organizations and business models. and business models. We have developed a proprietary methodology that we can customize for your company.

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    What are the benefits of our solutions?

    Beneficios de nuestras soluciones


    Designing the best technology solutions:

    We help companies achieve positive change by designing answers tailored to their specific needs.


    We empathize with our clients:

    And also with our clients' clients, we are able to ask ourselves even what they may not have asked themselves.


    Attraction and conversion power:

    We know the digital trends of the market and we develop projects that cover all business sectors.


    Innovation and experience guaranteed:

    We have the seal of innovative SME from the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the seal of technology provider approved by Cámara Valencia.


    We are your technological ally:

    We take care of implementing, adapting, updating, integrating and maintaining your company's systems.

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    Your partner for the digital future. Find out what we're made of.

    As one of the leading companies in the field of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we guide projects towards a data-driven future. Learn more about Metric Salad and our motivation.

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