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Committed to Research, Development and Technological Innovation. We are dedicated to produce and develop technological projects and digital solutions, with a vocation for innovation and internationalization.

As an artificial intelligence and data science consultancy, we are shaping the future together.

We are dedicated to producing and developing technological projects and digital solutions, with a vocation for innovation and internationalization.

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We base our creative proposals on the analysis of the context of each project.

We provide solutions that are the result of work, analysis and interpretation of data, research and experience in the digital world.

We have provided services on all continents

Our clients are all over the world. We operate mainly in Spain, but also in many countries in Europe, America and Asia. We have an office in New York, from where we operate as TheLineBTWN, a company registered in the United States to service the entire American continent.

  • ✹ Internationaland global clients.
  • ✹ Experience in managing remote projects and clients in other latitudes and schedules.
  • Cultural diversity and multilingual staff.
  • ✹ Ability to be a bridge between the American and European markets.

We share values and vision

Our team: meet the talent

We shape the future with highly competent interdisciplinary employees who share the same enthusiasm for data, AI technology and innovation.

Nuria Lloret

Senior Advisor

Betsabé Arjona

Head of Digital Transformation

Daniel Monleón

Head of 3.0 Web Solutions

Valeria Herrero

Head of Extended Reality

Evelio Martínez

Manager TIC

Auxi Martínez

Frontend Developer

Jorge Morillo

Digital Comunication

Marta Olcina

UX/UI Designer

Nazar Skoreyko

Full Stack Developer

Paola Grisales

Head of Administration

Salvador Zaragoza

Senior Programmer

Why work with Metric Salad

We are your partner for consumer and user-centric digital transformation, with Artificial Intelligence as our main ally.

Passion for data, curiosity, open-mindedness and experience.

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